Job Seeker Visa Program

  Portugal Job Seeker Visa Program


Time to residency

2 months


  Residency requirement

It is recommended to live for more than 6-8 months per year

  Established time

Program launched in 2022

 Application Requirements

1. Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.


2. For the Job Seeker Visa, it is required to register on the official website of the “Portuguese Institute of Employment and Vocational Training” (IEFP) first.


3. After obtaining the visa approval, it is necessary to enter Portugal and establish an employment relationship before submitting the SEF residence permit application.

Program Benefits

In essence, the 882 and 892 residency programs offer accessible pathways to individuals who can enter Portugal’s territory. These projects are open to all, making it possible for anyone with a place of residence and an established job or business to apply for the 882 or 892 residency status. Once approved, applicants receive a temporary residence permit, which can be upgraded to a formal residency card upon meeting the specified criteria.

1. No Employment Obligation

No Job Offer Required in advance

2. Flexibility in Job Search

You have the freedom to enter Portugal without the pressure of having a pre-existing job offer.

3. Convenient Application

The Portugal Job Seeker Visa application process can be completed from the comfort of your home country.

4. Unveil Job Opportunities

This visa empowers you to explore the diverse array of job prospects that Portugal has to offer.

5. Cost-Effective Visa Option

Acquiring this visa comes at a budget-friendly cost, providing exceptional value for your investment.