Start-up Visa

Dubai Start-up Visa

Dubai Start-up Visa, this program consists of registering a company and applying for a visa (up to three people: one employer, and two employees). The Dubai Start-up immigrant is a program where you can get residency by starting a business, and Globevisa provides services for starting a company in the Free Trade Zone, and applying for visas for employers and employees.


This work visa is a long-term visa, and can not apply for permanent residence and naturalization.


After the approval, it is necessary to land in Dubai within 60 days (visa can not be extended, after the expiration of the need to pay to re-submit for re-applying) for an ID card (EID card printing needs 10-15 working days).


Residence must not leave Dubai continuously for more than 6 months after obtaining the visa, otherwise the visa will be cancelled. That means at least once every 6 months.

Time to permit

1 month

Visa-free travel

179 countries and regions

Passport rank

14th in the world

Residency requirement

Must not leave Dubai for more than 6 months to maintain the visa validity.


No Individual Income Tax.

Businesses are subject to a 9% corporate tax (except for companies established in free zones).

Value-added tax (VAT) at a rate of 5%, as well as other consumption taxes, customs duties, and land registration fees.

Established time

Program launched in 1984

Application Requirements

  1. The main applicant is 18-70 years old.

  2. Registered company in Dubai Free Trade Zone, UAE

Program Benefits


100% controlled by foreign investors

It is not subject to the restriction of 49% foreign investment and 51% domestic investment stipulated in the UAE company law.


Tax-free haven

Enterprises in the UAE Free Zone are entitled to zero corporate income tax.


Least regulated

Free zones allow domestic and foreign investors to conduct trade, manufacturing, and other related intermediary services.


East-west heart

Located in the center of Asia, Europe, and Africa, it is suitable for expansion business centers.


Minimum tax resident

Stay in the UAE for 90 days to become a tax resident and open an overseas account.


World Financial Center

Dubai is investing $8.1 trillion in the next 10 years, and the growth of fintech has driven the annual revenue of the Dubai International Financial Center to exceed AED 1 billion.