South Korea

Real Estate Immigrant Investor Scheme

South Korea Real Estate Immigrant Investor Scheme

The South Korea Immigrant Investor Scheme presents a remarkable opportunity for applicants to obtain permanent residency in South Korea by purchasing a local property. One of its notable advantages is the flexibility it offers, as applicants are only required to visit South Korea once a year during the 5-year period to fulfill the residency requirement. Once permanent residency is granted, the deposited amount can be fully withdrawn without any impact on the applicant’s identity.

The program is also popular as its short processing time. For Globevisa, we have successfully assisted numerous clients, and our fastest approval time up to now for a single applicant stands at an impressive 6 days.

Time to permit

2-3 months

Visa-free travel

189 countries and regions

Passport rank

3rd in the world

Residency requirement

Land in South Korea at least 

once per year during the 5-year period


No taxation

Established time

Program launched in 2013

Application Requirements

To obtain a F2 status, you need to fulfill following requirements:

1. Applicants basic information, including Passport, Identity card, Marriage certificate, Children birth certificate, No criminal record certificate (over 14 years old).

2. Proof of assets (proof of house registration).

3. Notarized double authentication required for Immigration: no criminal certificate (over 14 years old) Kinship (family); Proof of unmarried (grown-up children).

Program Benefits of

Real Estate Investment Scheme


Highly cost-effective

Property has high appreciation potential. Compared with other Asian countries, Jeju Island’s housing prices are lower, and the price of commercial housing in Jeju Island is increasing every year. At the same time, Jeju Island has a large number of tourists and a large demand for rental housing every year, and the property can be used for self-use vacation in the future, or can be freely sold/rented out after 5 years.


Scarce housing

The investment amount of South Korea Real Estate meeting 1 billion KRW (USD 770,000) can realize family migration, although the immigration property region of properties are limited, all the house are vacation properties and quality properties are scarced.


Carry to stay

The property source is the commercial housing of large enterprises, quality assurance, purchase the permanent right of the house, the whole house fine decoration plus the whole house furniture appliances are presented, you can directly carry the package to stay.


Family migration

Lock-up the current South Korea immigration policy flexible migration policy, one applicant to purchase real estate, whole family can obtain South Korean F2 residence status, five years later can be transferred to permanent residence F5 status, real estate can be freely bought and sold.