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UAE SAIF Zone Company Registration

UAE SAIF Zone Company Registration

Globevisa helps clients register companies in the UAE Free Trade Zone. The company can operate locally and benefit from the free trade zone tax incentives (only 5% VAT for local operations, with 20 designated free trade zones are VAT-exempt). If the company operates outside the UAE, no tax is liable to the UAE as the UAE tax laws and regulations, only income derived from the relevant emirates in the UAE is taxable.

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Time to permit

1-2 weeks

Residency requirement

No residency requirements

Visa-free travel

176 countries and regions


No worldwide taxation

Passport rank

15th in the world

Established time

Citizenship program launched in 2020

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Application Requirement

Citizens of Israel, North Korea, Iran, Bangladesh and Djibouti are not accepted.

Program Benefits

Foreigners can be shareholders, not necessary to have local shareholders.

No exchange controls, remittance of capital and profits is allowed.

No minimum investment capital requirement.

No corporate income tax and no personal income tax.

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