Policy Change: Client Must Land to Open Canada Business Account, Open Offshore No Longer Available

According to the Canada Compliance and AML department, due to the recent change on regulatory policy of Canada business account opening, offshore opening of business account will no longer be accepted which means clients who wish to open a Canada business

Read More> 2019-09-19
Obtain These Entrepreneur Visas: Business Migration of Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Taiwan CN

Startup visas offered by major countries and regions such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan China have become an emerging industry trend. Click here for more.

Read More> 2019-09-19
Migrate by Investment: Property Purchase programs of St. Kitts and Nevis, Malta, Greece and Spain

A number of countries nowadays offer property investment program as an option to migrate to their countries. Upon purchasing property of certain countries, the buyer qualifies for the citizenship and a second passport automatically in which countries such

Read More> 2019-09-18
Migrate as Transfer Executive With Business Migration, Acquire HK, US, UK, Singapore, or Canada Visa

Learn your ways to immigrate Canada, US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and more. Senior managers may migrate at low cost under Business migration Stream

Read More> 2019-09-18
Australia increase citizenship application support, business & investment stream became top priority

Australia increase citizenship application support, business & investment stream became top priority

Read More> 2019-09-13
Second Passport: Antigua and Barbuda Extended its Limited Time Offer on CIP NDF Investment Option

The limited time offer of the investment program by contribution to the Antigua and Barbuda National Development Fund (NDF) to obtain a second passport will expire in less than 2 months (31st October 2019).

Read More> 2019-09-11
Change to Canada Saskatchewan EOI Pool Selection & How It Affects Low Points Applicants Positively

It is believed that the upcoming Canada Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SNIP) Entrepreneur Expression of Interest (EOI) pool selection in November or January next year will have change to its selection process. The new selection process, rather th

Read More> 2019-09-11
Hongkongers to be Confronted with Stringent Vetting to Apply for Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

Hong Kong residents who are interested in Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) will be subject to a stringent vetting process and shall provide a PCC to apply due to the persisting instability in this Asian financial hub.

Read More> 2019-09-10
Immigrate through Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H): A Well-rounded Plan for a Better Life

More and more people choose Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) for family migration or retirement planning. Find out what benefits it brings.

Read More> 2019-09-09
Taiwan Low-Cost Migration Scheme & Simple Criteria, Tailored to Meet Hongkongers Desire of Stability

Taiwan has a unique immigration / migration scheme specially created for Hong Kong and Macau residents. Under investment immigration stream, SAR residents may acquire Taiwanese passport and naturalize after residing in Taiwan for 1-year. With the dire pol

Read More> 2019-09-08
Second Passports: Migration Opt Granting More Visa-free Entry, Safer Investment & Enhanced Security

Acquiring dual citizenship now becomes a trend in immigration among worldwide investors due to the increased concerns over visa-free mobility, security of property and personal liberty. Click here for more.

Read More> 2019-09-06
How much & How to Migrate to Japan: Eligibility Criteria of Two Programs Lead to Permanent Residency

Migrating to Japan could cost you only as low as HKD 620,000. As long as you have rich experience in business, you can easily meet the eligibility criteria of the investment immigration program and get a 5-year visa staying in Japan. Permanent residency c

Read More> 2019-09-05
Popular Immigration Program For Investors to Europe, Golden Visas in Spain, Portugal & Greece

Residence by investment is a popular category of immigration programs. Investors along their family members are to be granted a long-term residence status in a specific country...

Read More> 2019-09-01
Why Worldwide Investors and Entrepreneurs Prefer Migrating to the UK and Ireland

The UK and Ireland have lured numbers of applicants by their investment and business migration programs each year. Click here to know the major advantages and application requirements.

Read More> 2019-08-28
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