Malta Individual Investor Program: Latest changes in requirements
  • Posted 21 Feb, 2019


Launched in 2014, the Malta Individual Investor Program has been a popular choice for high or ultra-high net worth individuals and families. The application process of this program is efficient, and successful applicants will be granted citizenship in Malta (including EU citizenship) and visa-free access to more than 160 countries. However, some of the requirements have been changed in the past few months. They include changes in required documents for preliminary due diligence check, residency obligation and oath of allegiance.

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Primarily, the time period which applicants should provide transaction flow for is extended to at least 6 months from 3 months. Since November 2018, applicants for this program are required to provide a bank reference and bank statements from the last 6 months at the latest for preliminary diligence check.


Additionally, according to the Identity Malta, since November 2018, in order to obtain an eResidence card, applicants should provide an 18-month prove of address in Malta, which is an increase of 6 months compared with that in the past.


Moreover, as confirmed by the CEO of Identity Malta, after the applicants are issued an eResidence card, they should stay in Malta for at least 15 days.


Finally, according to the Letter of Approval in Principle received in October 2018, successful applicants should complete an Oath of Allegiance within 1 year after they receive it.


Due to these changes, the requirements of the Malta Individual Investor Program become stricter, but as the first citizenship by investment program recognized by the EU, this program is still an excellent choice for investors.


For further details of Malta Individual Investor Program, please read the following:

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