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Living in UK with a Cypriot passport, after the Brexit
  • Posted 22 Oct ,2018

Brexit is the short portmanteau of British exit from the European Union, is the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU).


The official website of UK updated the information of “settles and pre-settled status for EU citizens and their families”. Applicant as EU citizen, can apply settled status or pre-settled status, which means that applicant can still live in UK after December, 2020.

If applicant gets the settled status, he/she is able to spend up to 5 years outside UK. If applicant gets pre-settled status, he/she can spend up to 2 years outside UK, without losing their pre-settled status.

Citizen of Cyprus can enjoy the benefit as member of EU, and legally settle in UK and Switzerland. Applicant can hold EU passport, UK residency, and Swiss residency simultaneously.

With the passport of Cyprus, applicant can settle down in one of the best countries, free entry and exit to the UK. Applicant can sign up for education or continue learning, enjoy the national medical service system, and enjoy benefits and pensions for citizens. Let his/her children enjoy top education. It would be a great chance for applicant immigrating to UK. According to the new migrant scheme in Cyprus, the quota is 700 applicants.


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