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Event summary on the 6th IIS East Asia in Hong Kong
  • Posted 12 Nov ,2018


The 6th Investment Immigration Summit East ASIA (IIS East Asia) was held in Hong Kong on 29-31 October 2018. It is a platform for the leading government officials, immigration specialist and wealth management practitioners to share and explore new opportunities in immigration industry.



The preservation of assets, tax policy, immigration and children's education are the question that clients always pay attention after the investment. There are 3 basic service that companies can provide is overseas investment, family immigration and to transfer enterprise R&D to overseas countries.

French Tech Visa and Italian investment visas are offered to entrepreneurs, investors or employees to obtain residency in France. It is quite attractive for people who want to immigrate to France.

To apply for Italian Investor Visa, applicant needs to perform an investment in the form of one of the options below:

1.       an investment of at least EUR2,000,000 in government bonds, which must be maintained for at least two years

2.       an investment of at least EUR1,000,000 in "capital equity of a company established and operating in Italy", to be maintained for at least two years

3.       a philanthropic donation of at least 1,000,000 to support a project of public interest, in the fields of culture, education, immigration management, research scientific, restoration of cultural and landscape heritage


In the afternoon session, the speech was about the UK Investment Immigration T1 Visa Seminar. To discuss how would the investors being affected by the impact of UK in the middle Brexit.


There are 3 main concern in immigration industry as the transparency, security, and ethical issues need to be improved.

1. Low transparency of standard. The industry relies on previous experience to find out the eligible criteria. Thus, there are “grey zone” where applicants might fail to meet the standard.

2.There are many negative feedbacks regarding new immigrants especially for security issues. Therefore, immigration policies in some countries may raise the threshold in the future due to politicians’ awareness.

3. Assets allocation is actually a business opportunity. To enhance economic activities of developing countries.

For more UK investor program details, please check out here.



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