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Dominica Minister of Immigration Department visited our office in Beijing, China
  • Posted 14 Nov ,2018


The Minister of Immigration Department in Dominica, Mr Nanthan, came visiting Globevisa's Beijing office on 12th November, 2018. It was his second time visiting us. We were glad to have he here and our Dominica passport program manager, Roxie Ren, had a great talk with him. 

The followings are parts of their conversation:

Roxie: Do you think the Dominica immigration policy will change in the near future?

Minister: Well, the Dominican policy will not change recently, but it will not be guaranteed in the future. In 2018, like St. Kitts, after the end of the hurricane plan, there will be a sustainable development fund. The property can apply for 50% shares or equity. St. Kitts' application for this year has increased a lot. The Dominica policy has not changed recently, and the single application is the cheapest in the Caribbean. A one-person application only requires a donation of $100,000.


Roxie: Can anyone of any nationality apply for a Dominica passport?

Minister: Yes, good countries have bad people, high-risk countries have good people. We don't have any discrimination. If you want to apply for a Dominica passport, you can. However, there is a special case that Iranians living outside Iran can apply. But if you live in Iran, you can't apply (because Iran can't make a background check).


Roxie: How many applications does Dominic receive each year?

Minister: Basically, there are about 1800 families each year. In 2017, Dominica applied for 1,800 case, and as of October 30, the number of applications has reached 1931. Among the global applications, the ratio of donations and real estate is 70% and 30%.


Roxie: Where is the biggest crowd of people applying for Dominica passports now? Or is it the Middle East and China?

Minister: In terms of regions, the applicants in the Middle East are the most; if they are divided by the state, the Chinese applicants are the most. The total number of applications in 2018 was higher than in 2017, but the market share in China declined and the share in the Middle East increased.

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