Cost-efficient Plans for Businessmen and Entrepreneurs: Immigrating to Malaysia, Taiwan CN and Japan
  • Posted 28 Jun ,2019

Businesspersons and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong start to discuss some popular immigration destinations such as Malaysia, Taiwan China and Japan anew. One of the catalysts may be the recent controversy over an extradition bill. According to a recent report of The Guardian, Martin Lee QC, "Father of Democracy" in Hong Kong, is convinced that businesses based in Hong Kong are possible to "pack up and go" if the bill is passed.

Given the circumstances, programs offered by Malaysia, Taiwan China and Japan seem to be the best choices for Hong Kong businesspersons and entrepreneurs, especially owners of SME (small and medium-sized enterprises). These programs share some most attractive features: safe investment, easily-met requirements and fast access to the status.

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

Thanks to Pick me up to Malaysia, a popular TV program in Hong Kong, Malaysia become an even more welcomed relocation destination among middle-class Hongkongers. As the country' s most well-known immigration program, Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) attracts a large number of applicants from Hong Kong each year.

MM2H stands out mainly because of its easily-met requirements. In order to obtain the visa, applicants only need to make a fixed deposit in Malaysia. The amount of deposit for applicants aged under 50 is MYR 300,000 (equivalent to around HKD 560,000), and that for applicants aged over 50 is MYR 150,000 (equivalent to around HKD 280,000). The deposit can be partly withdrawn after 1 year.

Visas issued under MM2H have a validity of 10 years. What's more, once the visa is granted, there is no further residency requirement.

Taiwan Resident Visa for Investment

Taiwan is always an expat hotspot for Hong Kong people. As a place also steeped in Confucian culture, having similar culinary scene and using traditional Chinese characters, Taiwan is best suited to Hongkongers who still show a strong attachment to their hometown.

Applicants for this program should establish a company in Taiwan with a registered capital of HKD 1.5 million (equivalent to around USD 200,000). Apart from that, there are no other business requirements.

Successful applicants under this program will acquire a Taiwan resident visa first. For those who are from Hong Kong and Macao, they can apply for Taiwan passport after 1 year as long as they have spent 335 days in Taiwan during this time period.

Despite the relatively large amount of investment, it is the quickest path to Taiwan passport.

Japan Investor/Business Manager Visa

Japan Investor/Business Manager Visa is also a good choice for those who want to start up a business for the first time. As an immigrant entrepreneur program, this program has a surprisingly friendly requirement of registered capital, which is merely HKD 350,000 (equivalent to around USD 45,000).

Although holders of this visa are only allowed to apply for Japanese citizenship after 5 years and permanent residence after 10 years, the openness to business outweighs this minor flaw. There is no requirement of business scope, no need for EOI screening nor business research. It is only essential to have a 3-year management experience.

Therefore, the program is a perfect choice for young entrepreneurs and SME owners.

Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan are always on the top immigration destinations list of Hong Kong people because of their geographic locations and cultural affinity. Luckily, these countries all offer programs that are suitable for businesspersons and entrepreneurs. Due to the low risks, low threshold and high cost-efficiency, they are worth considering.


The Guardian


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