Canada Higher Education: Fast way to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency
  • Posted 25 Jan ,2019


In the past couple years, the ways for Canada immigration have been changing. With the close down of PEI Investment Immigration, the quota reduction on Quebec immigration program and other higher thresholds, they could reflect the fact that it is getting more difficult to immigrate to Canada. By the trend of policy changing, we could analysis that the Canadian government wants to narrow the ways of immigration. By shutting down other programs, it encourages foreigners to either entrepreneur or work in Canada to provide job opportunities or support economic development there. As a result, there is a problem. As a young foreigner, they neither have enough entrepreneur experience nor appropriate skill to help them immigrate to Canada even with a strong incentive to immigrate. Nonetheless, there is a program called Canada Higher Education which suits young generation the most for immigration to Canada.


It has low threshold and short processing time while applicant's spouse could even apply for work visa along and kids could enjoy education benefit. Generally talking, the policy of study immigration states that applicant could apply for PGWP after graduating from Canada college. Then, they are eligible to apply for work visa. During applying for immigration, LMIA could increase score by 50 while BC state nomination could add 600 points to your assessment. But there are some measures that vary upon different states.



1. Cancellation of the 6-months working requirement of common employment type, it implies that after graduation in Manitoba, applicant could immediately apply for Canada immigration


2. Cancellation of job restriction after master degree graduation. As long as graduates complete required internship program, they could apply for immigration without company's offer


3. Add entrepreneur after graduation program. Applicants could apply for immigration as long as they open a business for 6 months after graduation. Plus, there's no revenue or profit amount requirement.


To sum up, Manitoba provides a faster and more convenience method of immigration especially for international students who graduated in Canada.


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Besides Manitoba, how does Higher Education benefit in other ways in terms of Canada immigration?


1. Apply for Ontario post-graduate program. After graduating from the program plus the average score of 6 in IELTS, you could apply for immigration without a job, a job offer or French speaking skill. You will receive your permanent resident card after 1 year.


2. Apply for skilled worker immigration program after graduation. You could find a job in British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba to help you immigrate. Passing a French exam result in Quebec could also help.


3. Apply for Canadian Experience Class after one year of work in Canada. Both applicant and applicant's spouse could apply.


By general, even though Canada immigration policy is getting stricter, Canada states welcome international students by increasing the quotas. By cancelling some job-related requirements after graduation, they make international graduates easier to apply for immigration.


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