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Canada Federal Skilled Worker: 105th Express Entry Selection Result
  • Posted 27 Nov ,2018


On 28th November, 2018, the Federal Immigration Department of Canada has conducted the 105th Express Entry Immigration Selection (EE). The score of lowest-ranked candidate invited was 445 and 3900 applicants were selected for the invitation.




The total quota for Canada Federal Express Entry (EE) for 2018 is 74,900. Although the quota for 2018 had already used up, the number of selection remains at the highest point. 

According to the pattern of selection which is twice a month, there will be 2 more selections for the rest of 2018. Referring to previous quota statistics in 2017, the target number for Express Entry for Canada Federal Government was 71,700 but total number of draw was 86,023 by the end of the year, which was about 20% increase! 

Let say the same increase applies to this year as well, the total draw this year could reach 74,900 x (1+20%) = Almost 90000! The remaining quota could be around 8,000! 

Do not hesitate for application! Coming to the end of a year, the number and score of selection could be changed a lot! Applicants with lower EOI scores would have more chances!



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