Check out the most popular way toward UK residency!

According to the summary of latest statistics released by GOV.UK, a total of 3.2 million visas were issued in the UK in 2019. Currently, the most popular UK visas are Investor Visa (Tier 1), Representative of an Overseas Business visa, and Innovator visa.

Read More> 2020-03-26
Immigrate to Vanuatu: Get a better life easily with more visa-free entry and safer asset allocation

Vanuatu Development Support Program, also known as Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program, is the most frequent immigration route in Vanuatu. This program offers the fastest legitimate access to Vanuatu citizenship, and Passport holders can enter 141 c

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New record! The number of Malaysia MM2H applications ranks first in investor visas in 2019

Malaysia received 7,904 applications for the MM2H investor visa in 2019, which is the highest record since 2012 and makes MM2H the world's largest immigration program through investment in 2019.

Read More> 2020-03-18
UK finally begins to catch up with its talents-friendly immigration policies after Brexit

British Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa is no longer available to applicants. Instead, the Global Talent Visa, is an upgrade version of it. All updates shows that the new immigration system makes UK more open to high-skilled talents.

Read More> 2020-03-13
EP Salary Bar raised again! Singapore calls out to highly-skilled immigrants despite tightened policy

Singapore has always been a very popular destination for immigrants. For entrepreneurs or high-quality talents, the best way to get a Singapore PR is to first obtain an EP, which is a work permit generally held by foreigners in Singapore.

Read More> 2020-03-11
Suspension of the MCBI program will be extended until Sep. 2020

Recently, the Moldova Government announced the third extension of the moratorium of Moldova MCBI program, saying that all new applications of MCBI program will not be accepted until September 2020.

Read More> 2020-03-06
New Brunswick has more immigration needs

New Brunswick is looking to increase immigration to 10,000 newcomers every year.

Read More> 2020-03-04
Important update to subclass 188 for BIIP Stream of Victoria

Important Changes to Victoria's Business Innovation and Investment Program: applicants who plan to engage in export business are no longer required to export 100% of products made in Victoria.

Read More> 2020-02-28
New Brunswick: Last Route for Entrepreneurs to Get Canada PR Directly

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NB PNP) Entrepreneurial Stream is Canada's last remaining entrepreneur program with direct PR access.

Read More> 2020-02-26
Canada Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba sent immigration invitation in One Single Day!

Invitation was held respectively in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba on February 13.

Read More> 2020-02-19
The Greek government plans to double the price of Golden Visa

The Greek government intends to double the actual price of Golden Visa, the minimum investment required to apply for Golden Visa through real estate purchase is no longer 250,000 euros but 500,000 euros.

Read More> 2020-02-14
New Zealand Parent Resident Visa Reopens on 24 February

Immigration New Zealand has announced that from February 24th, those who intend to apply for Parent Resident Visa can formally submit EOI, which 1,000 copies are issued each year.

Read More> 2020-02-12
End of the Investment in Real Estate of the Golden Visa in Lisbon and Porto was approved

Property investment in Lisbon and other areas will no longer be eligible for immigration application, as approved in the Portuguese Parliament.​

Read More> 2020-02-07
Canadian Immigration Department Announced to Open Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) 2020 Soon

Canadian immigration department IRCC announced that Canada Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) 2020 would be open soon on Dec 16th, 2019. Click here for more.

Read More> 2019-12-20
PATH TO AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND Immigration Seminar Successfully Held by GLOBEVISA on Dec 12, 2019

GLOBEVISA GROUP has successfully hosted the PATH TO AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND Seminar in Hong Kong on December 12th, 2019. Read more now!

Read More> 2019-12-13
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