Why Worldwide Investors and Entrepreneurs Prefer Migrating to the UK and Ireland
  • Posted 28 Aug, 2019

The UK and Ireland, as the two majority native English speaking countries in Europe, have long been the most heated immigration options for worldwide investors and entrepreneurs. Famous for UK Investor Visa (Tier 1), Representative of an Overseas Business visa and Ireland Immigrant Investor program, fast track paths to the British Isles are available for high-net-worth individuals.

Why Immigrate to the UK

As one of the world major powers, the UK possesses all the advantages that a developed country should have, such as all-rounded social welfare, well-established healthcare system and high-level education. However, these are not the catalysts that make the country stand out. Compared with other majority native English speaking countries, the UK offers a more friendly investment migration program to potential immigrants around the globe.

UK Investor Visa (Tier 1)

One of the conventional and renowned choices for investors and entrepreneurs with high net worth is the UK Investor Visa (Tier 1) program. In order to apply for a Tier 1 investor visa, people are only required to make an investment starting from GBP 2 million, which is a much lower amount compared with the investment fund required by similar immigrant investor programs offered by Australia and New Zealand. Nothing else should be done.

Upon successful application, applicants will be granted a Tier 1 investor visa which is initially issued for 3 years. The Tier 1 investor visa can be renewed for unlimited times as long as the holders fulfil the 3-month residency requirement for each validity period. The visa also leads to UK permanent residency (PR) if the holders are able to meet the 180-day annual residency requirement for 5 consecutive years. It should be noted that under either circumstance, the investment fund shall be maintained.

Representative of an Overseas Business visa

Another popular option for people seeking ways to relocate to the UK is the Representative of an Overseas Business Visa (also known as the Sole Representative Visa) program. Very much similar to traditional intracompany transfer (ICT) programs, it is for the sole representative of an overseas company to set up a branch or a subsidiary in the UK.

To be eligible to apply, interested persons shall be a shareholder but not a major shareholder or hold a senior position of the parent company for at least 1 year prior to the application. Successful applicants will be granted a renewable business visa which also has a validity of 3 years. Requirements for PR application are same as that of the Tier 1 investor visa.

No matter which program is chosen as the immigration route, application for UK citizenship is allowed for permanent residents as early as 1 year after they acquire the PR. Immigrating to the UK thus becomes a fast way for investors and entrepreneurs to obtain an overseas status.

Why immigrate to Ireland

Regarded as the springboard to a UK status, Ireland is favored by potential immigrants worldwide. By virtue of the policy of Common Travel Area (CTA), Irish citizens are all offered the right to reside, work, vote and access to social welfare in the UK. These advantages will not be changed even after Brexit. On May 8th, 2019, a memorandum of understanding which reaffirms the longstanding CTA arrangements was signed between the governments of the UK and Ireland.

In recent years, the country has also distinguished itself with its investment migration program.

Ireland Immigrant Investor Program (Endowment)

Ireland Immigrant Investor Program is a newly acceded alternative for those who are looking to migrate to British Isles. The program offers multiple investment options for its applicants, including a highly cost efficient one – making an endowment of EUR 500,000. Clearly stated in the immigration rules, the minimum amount of endowment can be EUR 400,000 per person if a group of 5 investors would like to combine their endowment together and apply for the program at the same time.

More importantly, after obtaining the residence permission, the holders are only required to be physically in Ireland for 1 day each year. Such a friendly residency requirement makes the program best suited to those who don’t want to move to the country temporarily.

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