Tourists with a Previous U.S. B-2 Visa Application Refused Will be Deprived of Visa-free Entry to Saipan
  • Posted 05 Oct, 2019

Tourists will be deprived of visa-free entry to Saipan if they have a previous U.S. B-2 visa application refused, according to a notice released by the government of Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands on October 3rd, 2019.

Saipan, a tourist hotspot located in the western Pacific Ocean, offers visa-free access for visitors from multiple countries and regions, such as China, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore and South Korea. However, such a right will be deprived if the passport holders have a record of U.S. B-2 visa denial.

U.S. B-2 Visa is a visitor visa that allows its holders to enter the U.S. for pleasure or medical treatment. As babies born in the U.S. can acquire birthright citizenship, and their immediate relatives are eligible for U.S. permanent residency – a green card – when they turn 21, many parents choose to apply for a U.S. B-2 visa and give birth in the U.S.

All applicants for the U.S. B-2 Visa are required to appear in person for a visa interview. Whether their applications will be approved is highly dependent on the visa interview performance. However, many get rejected owing to mistakes made in the visa interview process.

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