Taiwan Low-Cost Migration Scheme & Simple Criteria, Tailored to Meet Hongkongers Desire of Stability
  • Posted 08 Sep, 2019

Taiwan has a unique immigration / migration scheme specially created for Hong Kong and Macau residents. Under investment immigration stream, SAR residents may acquire Taiwanese passport and naturalize after residing in Taiwan for 1-year. With the dire political situation of Hong Kong, Hongkongers are growing in desire in seeking relocation options with easy eligibility criteria. Taiwan being ranked 10th in Global Freedom Index, has a successfully run self-rules democracy is presented to be an option with greater political freedom, stability and a less stressful lifestyle.

According to the Island’s immigration authorities, there is a 45% spike of application numbers from Hong Kong in June and July. Although the self-governing democracy island is currently facing pressure from Beijing, planning to tighten residency rules for Hongkongers and to raise the investment sum to NT$10 million from current NT$6 million, this is still relatively lower cost than many immigration by investment programs around the world.

As of August 11 this year, 2,027 Hongkongers had applied to live or stay in Taiwan and 1,935 (over 95%) of these applications had been approved. Meaning Taiwan is planning to take in as much funds and high-quality Hong Kong applicants as possible.

Survey conducted by GLOBEVISA Group in August 2019 point out that Taiwan is top 3 location for immigration in Hong Kong. Only 20 of every 100 Hong Kong resident who have decided to move to Taiwan will give second thought on their migration plan, if Taiwanese government raise the investment fund. 60 of 100 find it still very affordable. Most are convinced that Taiwan is the place for their family is work and study in the future, considering the known democracy system, similarity cultural, food and language background.

Eligibility Criteria for Immigrating Taiwan

Residency Permit

To move to Taiwan, all applicants must be HKSAR / Macau passport holders. Government requirement is to set up a business with NT$ 6 million initial capital (low cost at HKD 1.5 million), given that applicant have a Taiwanese legal guarantee, a clean record of self-medical examination and proven no criminal conviction from past 5 years. Spouse of application and unmarried children under age of 20 may be considered as dependents.

Full application process usually takes 2-3 months’ time. After receiving the approval from the government, and the investment fund will be required to transfer to a Taiwan corporate bank account under the name of the applicant.

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Residency status renewal requirement is guaranteed by business operation. Taiwan resident visa holders may apply for visa renewal 30 days prior to visa expiry date. Successful renewal will be granted a 2-year visa extension, with no cap on times of renewal.

Naturalization - Taiwan Passport

To acquire Taiwanese passport, one must meet residential requirement while holding a valid Taiwan residency permit. One-year permit holders may apply for citizenship by continuously reside in Taiwan for 335 days from past year; Or to reside in Taiwan for 270 days/year within a 2-year period.

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