Study Abroad: Emerging Best Way to Immigrate to Australia, Canada, Hong Kong China and New Zealand
  • Posted 05 Jul ,2019

Immigration is now gradually becoming a main driver of studying abroad, leading more and more people to go to Australia, Canada, Hong Kong China and New Zealand for higher education.

Conventionally, overseas study is regarded as a path to better education, stronger language skills and richer experience in cultural diversity. Therefore, parents around the globe are keen to send their children to study abroad.

However, in recent years, more and more people have realized that overseas education is also a possible way of immigration. In countries and regions with high standard of education and well-established immigration legislation, international students can first apply for a work permit upon graduation. After that, they can immigrate to the country they are in either through skilled worker immigration programs or merely fulfilling certain requirements.

In this case, higher education programs of Australia, Canada, Hong Kong China and New Zealand are best suited to those who don't consider immigration by business start-up or investment.


Australia ranks with the U.S. and the UK as the most popular study abroad destinations. However, taking future relocation under consideration, Australia is even a better choice.

According to BBC, as the UK has been limiting the post-study work visas, last year, Australia has already overtaken the UK as the world second largest destination for international students.

Students who want to immigrate to Australia can choose their majors based on the skilled occupation list, which is released and updated annually. After finishing their study, graduates can land a job on the list with a work permit.

Degrees and work experience obtained inside Australia give applicants an edge in EOI screening when immigrating as skilled workers. A maximum of 15 additional points will be awarded in the EOI, which can highly increase the success rate.

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Another good choice is Canada. As a country with welcoming visa policy for international students, Canada offers its graduates a lot more possible ways to become its residents. Other than through skilled worker immigration programs, most graduates in Canada can obtain the permanent resident status even more easily.

All students, either under diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate programs, can apply for the Post-graduation Work Permit (PGWP) after finishing their study. After that, they can start to plan for their new life in the country.

Many provinces, such as Manitoba, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario, allow their graduates with post-graduation work permit to apply for Canada permanent residence directly if certain requirements are met.

These requirements are always easy to fulfill. Either through finding a job, passing a French test or merely obtaining the degree, graduates with PGWP can apply to settle. ­

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Hong Kong, China

In pursuit of being a regional education hub, according to Hong Kong Education Bureau, the city has doubled the non-local student admission quotas and relaxed employment and immigration restrictions for non-local students. Thus, for those who want to live in Hong Kong, China, they can consider taking a post-secondary education program in this city.

After graduation, International students can apply for a renewable work permit under Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG). There is no need for a job offer to be eligible for the application. Having stayed in Hong Kong for 7 years, application for Hong Kong permanent residence is allowed.

The most attractive part is that the days spent in Hong Kong as a student are also counted in the required 7-year period. In other words, IANG work permit holders can become Hong Kong permanent residents only 3-6 years after graduation.

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New Zealand

Don't forget New Zealand when planning to immigrate as an international student. The country is also open to those who want to live there permanently.

The general procedure for immigrating to New Zealand as international students are very much similar to that for Australia. However, a far higher additional score brought by the degree and work experience obtained inside the country distinguishes the former from the two. Up to 60-135 points may be awarded in EOI, significantly raising the success rate.

What's more, unlike Canada, New Zealand allows international students graduating from all regions to further apply for immigration after obtaining the post-study work visa. Hence, people can choose to study in whichever region they like.

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Australia, Canada, Hong Kong China and New Zealand are the most popular study abroad destinations when taking into account future immigration. In addition to internationally recognized qualifications and competitive costs, these places give students easy access to a new status. Therefore, not only parents who want their children to have a brighter future can consider higher education, those who want to give their life a brand new start can also give it a shot.


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