Saint Lucia CIP Authorized Lawyer Analyzed Key Factors Affecting Application on Visit to Globevisa
  • Posted 01 Nov, 2019

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP)’s authorized lawyer Mr. Jason Phillip visited Globevisa Group on Oct 29th, 2019, delivering an in-depth analysis of key factors that may affect the application result. Sharing was made focusing on the program’s due diligence and net asset requirement, two major concerns of worldwide investors and potential immigrants.

During the meeting, questions were first raised over the due diligence of Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program. According to Mr. Phillip, the success rate of passing the due diligence of Saint Lucia’s CIP is around 97%, and now the investigation mainly concentrates on applicants’ police record.

“If candidates are proved to have any criminal records, they will not be allowed to apply for the program at the first stage,” said Mr. Phillip, “Tax record is not the main focus of CIU [Citizenship by Investment Unit]. But if severe problems do exist in candidates’ tax records, then they shall provide explicit statement and relevant supporting documents for the Citizenship by Investment Unit.”

“There is no limit on what industry applicants are in,” Mr. Phillip answered when being asked about the effect of business or job nature, which is also a question of some potential immigrants. Although many immigration programs have imposed restrictions on applicants’ jobs, confirmed by Mr. Philip, even those working in cryptocurrency and blockchain industry can apply for Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment program.

Net asset requirement is another topic that interests most potential immigrants. Many thinks that it would be much easier for people who have higher value of net asset to succeed. “Saint Lucia CIU has removed the net asset requirement since 2017. Therefore, application results will not be affected by individuals’ net asset value,” Mr. Phillip clarified, “Every applicant has the same potential for being approved.”

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program has been popular due to its competitive investment requirement for single applicants. It is believed that the program will continue to stand out with its friendly due diligence and absence of net asset requirement, especially when world major CIP providers start to conduct more stringent due diligence and raise their application requirements.

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