Portuguese Citizenship: 2 Most Popular Ways Under Golden Visa Investment & Become EU Citizen
  • Posted 26 Jul ,2019

Portugal is one of the several European & European Union (EU) countries that offers residency visa to applicants who are investing in Portugal through Golden Visa Investment Scheme. The Portugal golden visa was ranked the third most lucrative Golden Visas in 2018, due to its simple naturalization requirement, for the government allows visa holders to acquire citizenship after meeting investment requirement for 5 years.

Portuguese / EU citizenship comes with a number of benefits. It includes the ability to travel and work within the EU. While many stays hopeful about the UK fail to implement Brexit, hoping to acquire an EU passport which can serve as a stepping stone to UK. Nonetheless, the Golden Visa itself will allow its holders to enjoy the local medical coverage in Portugal.

First case of Portugal Golden Visa Successfully Obtain Citizenship Confirmed in Oct 2018

Although the history of Portugal Golden Visa is not as rich as other investment programs around Europe, on top of the thousands of successful permanent residence (PR) permits approval, the first successful cases of citizenship application was confirmed in 2018.

The successful Portuguese citizenship applicant have cleared a great deal of uncertainty surrounded the market, after holding the golden visa for 1+2+2 years, and reside for just 35 days in the country in total, will result in either permanent residence status and citizenship.

Through investing in fund (Golden Visa scheme) – Exclusive Capital Protected Investment

Stated on “ARI - Residence permit for investment activity” from the Portuguese government ministry Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), a fund investment with capital transfer of the amount of 350 thousand Euros or higher, with a Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMNM) recognized company is an eligible option in acquiring the Portugal Golden Visa.

Immigration Industry leader Globevisa Group, have launched their exclusive Portugal Golden Visa Fund Investment Program partnering with renowned CMNM fund investment company, GOLDEN MONARQUE, where the investment capital of €350,000 is to be protected and return after the 5-year term of investment. The exclusive capital protected fund investment has a limited quota of 60, applicants may then subscribe the fund and apply for Golden Visa through Globevisa Group to set forth their Europe immigration plan.

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Through investing in property (Golden Visa scheme)

To acquire Portugal Golden Visa by property investment, such properties should be valued at €500,000 or more, unless the property is more than 30 years old or in an area of urban renovation. If the property falls into the second category, it only needs to be valued at €350,000 or more. A €280,000 investment option is available if applicant is willing to buy a property in a low-density population area.

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