Portugal Govt. to Refine Investment Options of Golden Visa to Mitigate Its Effects on Housing Prices
  • Posted 07 Nov ,2019

Portuguese government intends to refine the investment options under Portugal Golden Visa program in order to mitigate its negative effects on housing prices, according to Jornal de Noticias, a local newspaper. The immigration program offers worldwide investors several choices to put their money in, including real estate and fund investment. However, in most cases, applicants show a preference for the former.

Based on the figures released by the SEF Portugal, more than 90% of applicants for Portugal Golden Visa invest their money into real estate rather than other options. As the program becomes more and more popular, the real estate market has also seen an increase in property valuations. Therefore, many are convinced that the popularity of the golden visa program is the main driver of Portugal’s rising housing prices.

To mitigate the negative effects and further develop local economy, now, Portuguese government plans to direct the investment funds came in through the golden visa program towards more low-density regions and more economically efficient projects. Refining the investment options would be the first step.

In fact, as early as in October 2018, Portuguese government has already introduced a new immigration rule in relevance to the Golden Visa. The new rule allows potential immigrants to obtain a Portugal Golden Visa by purchasing fund products in Portugal with a total amount of EUR 350,000, of which at least 60% shall be invested into domestic fund products. With the support of the government, it is believed that such an investment option would become a new trend towards Portugal Golden Visa application.

Immigration industry leader GLOBEVISA GROUP has launched the exclusive capital-protected Portugal Golden Visa Fund Investment Program in cooperation with renowned CMNM fund investment company, GOLDEN MONARQUE. Through this one and only capital-protected immigration route, the investment fund of EUR 350,000 is to be protected and returned after the 5-year investment period.

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