Popular Immigration Program For Investors to Europe, Golden Visas in Spain, Portugal & Greece
  • Posted 01 Sep, 2019

Residence by investment is a popular category of immigration programs. Investors along their family members are to be granted a long-term residence status in a specific country. Visa holders are usually covered by government benefits equivalent to local citizens. Golden Visas are the most well-known immigrant investor programs among all programs and methods to immigrate Europe. Programs mentioned below, including Spain, Portugal, and Greece, contributed over EURO 1,800,000,000 in year of 2018, ranked the most lucrative golden visas in the world.

Despite the golden visa programs do not offer direct citizenship to their applicants, their investment requirements are usually lower in comparison to second passport programs, cost ranging between EURO 250,000 to EURO 1,250,000. The qualified investments do not involve contributive investment (direct donation). Investing in businesses, real-estate, and depositing cash in local banks allows room for potential growth of assets. For the above reasons golden visas are popular among high net worth individuals (HNWIs). Other benefits include the followings:

-Invest in fixed time period (5 Years)

-Visa Free movement in Schengen area /regions

-Residence permit for family and children

-No restriction in working or running businesses in visa granting country

-EU citizenship after 5 years of living

Golden Visa Requirements (By program popularity order)

Portuguese Golden Visa

Being the most popular of all golden visa programs due to its easy to meet 7-day residential requirement, and attractive fast track 5-year PR, 6th year citizenship scheme. It was recorded to have close to 1,200 applicants in 2018 contributing €839 million. Other than the €1million deposit option, Portugal offers flexible real-estate options ranging from €280 to 500k, for properties which are categories as renovation projects, regular properties. Among them, the fund investment option is considered secured and low cost, as GLOBEVISA Group has announced their exclusive capital protected fund investment option at €350,000.

Details on Portugal Fund investment Program

Details on Portugal Property Investment Program

Spanish Golden Visa

Spain also offers deposit and property investment options. Although, some find its permanent residence application requirement demanding and the 10 year long naturalization process lengthy. A lot of people are happy to live in Spain for 4 years and 2 months in every 5 years period to meet its residential requirement.

Details on Spain Property Investment Program

Greek Golden Visa

Greece reported to gain €350 million in 2018, from its popular real-estate investment program. With no specific requirement on the real estate investment option. Investors are happy to invest €250,000 in Greece, without going through the trouble in finding government recognized renovation projects or 30 years old housings like Portugal government demanded. It is worth noting that the Greece Government also announced their new bill in removing capital controls in Aug 2019, potentially making funds transferring in Greece one of the easiest in Europe.

Details on Greece Property Investment Program


Asset Management

Settle & declare your tax residency with Taxpayer Identification documents. Experts assist Know your clients - KYC document preparation and accompany applicants to complete corporate & personal bank account opening.

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Family Reunification

Settle with family members under golden visa, reside in Europe and enjoy benefits offer by the country.

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Maintain Status & Apply for PR

Help golden visa holders in the process of status transformation from resident visa to permanent residence. Or to renew resident visa before applicant meet requirement for PR or citizenship application.

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Children’s Education

Settle children’s education overseas, get familiar with European education system, smoothly transfer to renown institutions after acquiring EU citizenship.

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