New Zealand Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa to be Closed Permanently from October 7th, 2019
  • Posted 20 Sep, 2019

New Zealand Immigration Department announced the permanent closure of the country’s Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa on September 17th, 2019. The popular job seeker visa program will be officially shut down starting from October 7th, 2019, bringing imminent changes to immigration routes that New Zealand now offers worldwide skilled workers.

New Zealand Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa is a type of job seeker visa that allows people with skills and talent to find a job in New Zealand legitimately. Once the holders successfully receive a job offer, they can apply for New Zealand residency under Skilled Migrant Category.

Unlike those who directly apply to Skilled Migrant Category, applicants for Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa can land in New Zealand first, and take their time to fulfil the application requirements of skilled migration programs while finding a job. Therefore, the Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa has long been regarded as an easier and faster way to immigrate to New Zealand.

Now, skilled persons who are interested in immigrating to New Zealand shall all fulfil the application requirements first before they apply for the country’s Skilled Migrant Category program. The policy change embodies the overall trend in immigration industry – major countries are now tightening their immigration rules.

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