Migrate to Canada, Australia or New Zealand as a Skilled Worker: A Step by Step Guide
  • Posted 27 Sep, 2019

Skilled migration is a type of immigration route offered by many developed countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand that enables worldwide skilled persons to work in and relocate to countries they long for. Such programs not only realize professionals’ relocation dreams, but also solve the skill shortage problems brought by population ageing at the same time.

Targeting middle-age individuals who have high education background, strong language proficiency, rich skilled experience and expertise in specific areas, skilled migration programs are usually of low cost. Instead of making investment or establishing a company, applicants for skilled migration programs are mostly required to work in the country they relocate to only. However, points test and candidates screening are what applicants must go through as well as what bother potential immigrants most.

Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the three English-speaking countries which potential immigrants show the highest level of interest to in terms of skilled migration. According to a recent report released by Gallup, a global analyst company, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have been witnessing the highest level of brain and youth population gains among all English-speaking countries. The article, therefore, is to give a step by step guide for those who want to immigrate to Canada, Australia and New Zealand as a skilled worker, outlining the easiest access, basic application requirements and processing time.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canada has the most-friendly skilled migration rules among these three popular expat hotspots, offering multiple choices ranging from programs conducted at federal level to provincial nomination programs (PNP).

Generally, specialists shall first submit their profiles into Expression of Interest (EOI) Pool and be subject to candidates screening. If the score is higher than 450, then application of the profile owner will go on to federal process, which directly leads to Canada permanent residency (PR) upon approval.

If the score does not reach 450, then the profile owner should turn to provincial nomination. Only after the profile owner is nominated by a Canadian province can the application move on to federal process.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program, thus, is the easiest and fastest access for skilled workers to obtain Canada permanent residency (PR).

Age Requirement: Aged under 40;

English Proficiency: IELTS General band 6 score;

Processing Time: 8-18 months.

Australia Subclass 491 Visa Skilled Work Regional (Provisional)

Similar to the Canada’s skilled migration programs, people who are interested in relocating to Australia as skilled workers also need to be confronted with EOI screening. However, there are still some differences.

Before applicants submit their EOI profiles, two things should be done first: to make sure that their occupations are on either one of the skilled shortage lists and to pass corresponding skills assessments. Whether the applicants are eligible to apply and where their applications will finally go to, federal government or state government, will basically depend on the results.

Officially open on November 16th, 2019, the subclass 491 visa will then become the one with the most easily-met application requirements among all Australia skilled migration paths.

Age Requirement: Aged under 40;

English Proficiency: IELTS General band 6 score;

Processing Time: 12-18 months.

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category

New Zealand skilled migration program has relatively friendly eligibility criteria. If the qualifications held by the applicants are on the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment, then they will not have to be assessed by New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

More importantly, EOI screening of New Zealand skilled migration program is conducted twice a month. Therefore, compared with other countries, those who apply under New Zealand’s skilled migration stream might be successfully selected earlier.

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category is the most frequent choice among all people interested in immigrating to New Zealand, which is also highly suggested by Globevisa.

Age Requirement: Aged under 40;

English Proficiency: IELTS General band 6.5 score;

Processing Time: 9-19 months.

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