Japan Visitor Visa Appl. Open for Vanuatu Citizens, Making Future Use of the 2nd Passport Smoother
  • Posted 16 Oct, 2019

Though obtaining a second passport has already been a trend among worldwide investors and potential immigrants, whether citizenship that can be bought is internationally recognized still remains a question. Fortunately, this question will not bother Vanuatu passport holders anymore. Globevisa Group has proven that Vanuatu passport holders can apply for Japan Visitor Visa in the Republic of Fuji.

Such news not only shows that second passports like the one of Vanuatu are recognized by governments, but also provides an insight for those who want to make future use of their second passports smoother. A visitor visa issued by major countries, for instance, Japan, can definitely prove the authenticity of passport it is labelled on.

However, for Vanuatu passport holders, to apply for a Japan Visitor Visa is not as easy as they might expect. As there is no embassy of Japan in Vanuatu, currently, all Vanuatu passport holders shall submit their Japan Visitor Visa applications to Embassy of Japan in Fiji.

Before, there was virtually no immigration company assisting Vanuatu citizens to apply for Japan Visitor Visa. Most citizenship planning service providers only help Vanuatu passport holders to apply for visitor visas of some Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Laos and Nepal.

As the first in the immigration industry that started such services, along with accompanying clients to land in corresponding countries for visa application, Globevisa Group has seen an increase of enquiries from worldwide Vanuatu passport holders.

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