Immigrate through Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H): A Well-rounded Plan for a Better Life
  • Posted 09 Sep, 2019

Malaysia, a well-known tropical holiday and retirement destination, is now winning more and more potential immigrants because of its ease of living and well-established infrastructure. Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H), one of its most popular immigration programs, offers the most cost-efficient access to the country.



In order to acquire the 10-year visa under MM2H, applicants are only required to make a fixed deposit of RM 300,000 (aged under 50) or RM 150,000 (aged 50 or over) in Malaysia, which can be partially withdrawn after 1 year.

Though Malaysia is conventionally regarded as a good place for retirement, in fact, it is also favored by middle-age population. According to the latest statistics from United Nations, the average age of immigrants to Malaysia is 33 years old. Such a preference is fully conceivable, as the country gives non-locals a clear blueprint for a better life.


Although the MM2H visa is not a work permit, holders are granted the right to run their own business in Malaysia. Therefore, there is no need to worry about livelihood. After settling down, new immigrants can start up a small business on their own at a lower cost and do not have to work for others anymore.

What's more, the affordable property prices and low cost of living make it easier to live an enjoyable life. On the basis of a recent report of South China Morning Post, the median cost for a house in Johor is RM 350,000 (around HKD 660,000) only, one seventh of the cost of a 300-square-feet apartment in Hong Kong. Also, plenty of high-level international schools charging low tuition fee are there in this Commonwealth country for the education of dependent children. In this case, the country is also highly suitable for families in addition to those who are planning for their retirement life.


Even though the holder does not want to move there so soon, it is not a waste to own the long-term visa under MM2H. The rate of interest per annum on fixed deposits is as high as 3.45%. In other words, a Hong Konger who holds this visa can gain more than HKD 20,000 (equivalent to around USD 2,600) through the deposit in Malaysia.

As visas issued under Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) have a 10-year validity not subject to any residency requirement, the holders can visit or move to Malaysia at any time within the 10-year period.

To help with relocating to Malaysia to the greatest extent, now, full package of services is provided by Globevisa. Listed below are the services included:

> Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

> Lubuan Company Registration

> MM2H Family Reunification

> MM2H Visa Renewal

> MM2H Fixed Deposit Withdrawal Application

> MM2H Visa Termination


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