How to Migrate to Australia: An Introduction & Visas for Investors, Businessmen and Skilled Workers
  • Posted 02 Dec, 2019

Australia has always been one of the destinations on top of the list when people around the globe are considering immigration due to its distinctive edge in terms of education, health care and investment. This sixth largest country in the world also lives up to people’s expectation, offering multiple immigration options for either investors, businessmen or skilled workers to move there. However, problems may occur when potential immigrants have no idea which one is their best suited solution.

How to Immigrate to Australia

Immigrate as an investor, a businessperson or a skilled worker?

Potential immigrants can choose their solutions based on their own edge, as immigration programs offered by Australia can be mainly categorized into three types, namely investment migration, business migration and skilled migration.

Settling migration with investment is always the most convenient way for high-net-worth individuals. Famous for the two streams under subclass 188 visa, Australia’s immigrant investor programs are traditional choices for these people. These two programs have one of the highest investment requirements in the world. The minimum investment requirement of the subclass 188 investor stream is AUD 1.5 million, while that of another stream - significant investor stream - is AUD 5 million.

Despite the high investment threshold, the residency requirements of subclass 188 investor visas are much easier to meet, especially when being compared with immigrant investor programs of other major countries, for example, Investor Visa (Tier 1) of the UK.

To make the utmost use of individuals’ skills and rich experience in business, those who own a mature company can consider immigrating to Australia through business migration programs. The subclass 188 visa business stream or subclass 132 visa program. Both of them grants its visa holders the right to establish a new or operate an existing business in Australia, whose ease of starting a business and ease of doing business rank high in the world.

One of main differences between subclass 188 business stream visa and subclass 132 visa is that the former is a provisional visa, while the latter is a permanent visa. Therefore, the subclass 132 visa program inevitably has a higher assets requirement – a minimum total net assets of AUD 1.5 million – nearly a double of the AUD 800,000 assets requirement of subclass 188 business stream.

Pillars of the society who want to go on applying their expertise can choose to immigrate as skilled workers and seek for career progression in Australia. Specialists in information technology (IT), engineering, accounting, architecture and management can apply for skilled migration after taking skills assessments recognized by Australia government, such as ACS, EA, CPA and VET.

Subclass 189, 190, 489 and 482 are the several skilled migration programs favored most by the professionals. Though the first two, subclass 189 and subclass 190 visa programs, have higher requirements than others do, they directly lead to Australia permanent residence.

Compared with subclass 189 and subclass 190 visa program, the subclass 489 visa program has a lower application threshold. However, the subclass 489 visa will be replaced by subclass 491 visa, taking effect from November 16th, 2019. The newly introduced subclass 491 visa will be “a new and enhanced points-tested visa”, according to the Australian government.

In addition to these options, subclass 482 is also an emerging good choice for skilled workers. Subclass 482 visa program has the most easily-met application requirement among all skilled migration programs. Those who have already obtained a job offer from Australia can start to apply without hesitation.

Or – specially suggested and assisted by Globevisa, people can establish a company on their own in Australia and give a job offer to themselves. The company can be a small or middle-sized one. After that, they can also apply for subclass 482 visa. This method is therefore regarded as another path for business owners, though it is not a business migration program.

Due to the ever-increasing number of applicants, visa regulations of Australia immigration programs are subject to frequent adjustment. To deal with the increased regulations and compliance, assistance from a company with well-established systems and relationships for immigration programs is necessary.

Relocation & Settlement Services

Young Learning Education & Guardians of Students

Let children study aboard at early age for better knowledge foundation and smoother adapting period. Guardian visa application is also available for parents and guardians of children who are studying in Australia.

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Higher Education

Receive the high standard tertiary education and obtain an internally recognized qualification. Work permit application is allowed afterwards.

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Permanent Residence

Complete the transition from provisional status holders to Australian permanent residents.

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Family Reunification

Sponsor parents and grandparents to reside in Australia after acquiring Australian PR or citizenship, or ring direct family members including spouse and children to Australia.

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