How much & How to Migrate to Japan: Eligibility Criteria of Two Programs Lead to Permanent Residency
  • Posted 05 Sep, 2019

Migrating to Japan could cost you only as low as HKD 620,000. As long as you have rich experience in business, you can easily meet the eligibility criteria of the investment immigration program and get a 5-year visa staying in Japan. Permanent residency can also be applied after a 10 years of continuous residence in Japan.

Why immigrate to Japan

Japan has always been recognised as one of the most popular destination for traveling among other countries in Asia due to its close location and similar culture to Hong Kong. The country is also known for its low crime rate and well-developed health and welfare system that ensure a safe and favourable environment. Such features of the country have therefore triggered the thoughts of many foreign people to reside in Japan. In means of immigrating to Japan, the Japanese government offers two types of visa for potential immigrants to choose from depending on the potential immigrant's skill level and net worth.

Option One: Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals

Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals is a point-based preferential immigration treatment with a strict eligibility criteria involving the academic qualification, work experience, annual income and occupation of applicants. Applicant with 70 points but less than 80 points is granted a 5-year visa to work and with the possibility to extend. For those who score 80 points or above can apply for permanent residency after just 1 year of working. The kind of work is limited to advanced business management activities that involve operating and managing a public or private organization in Japan only. Permanent residency can also be applied after 3 years of working. Children under 20 and spouse of the highly-skilled foreign professional are also allowed to stay in Japan with a visa and the permission of the stay of parents of the highly-skilled foreign professional will be allowed if there is a need to take care the child under 7 years age or the pregnant highly-skilled foreign professional or the pregnant spouse of the highly-skilled foreign professional.

Option Two: Japan Investor/Business Manager Visa

Investment has been seen as the most efficient and recommendable way for high net worth individuals to migrate to Japan. Basically, potential immigrants are required to invest in or set up a business in Japan while the latter one shows more security and autonomy for the potential immigrants than the former one since setting up a business by yourself can demonstrate your ability to continue investing in and owning the business. Usually, approximately HKD 277,000 is needed for the process of consultation until the rental of the office and JYP 5,000,000 is also required for the company registration, such as facilities for office and employees’ salary. A range of social welfare will also be offered to the investor and his/her family. It is evident that the eligibility criteria of this visa relatively easier to meet for people with rich business experience.

How to choose the suitable migration program

Although getting a permanent residency of Japan through the Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals program is faster than through the Japan Investor/Business Manager Visa, the Japan Investor/Business Manager Visa proves to be easier to apply. Potential immigrants with rich experience in operating business can meet the eligibility criteria of Japan Investor/Business Manager Visa easily. Then, after 10 years of stay in Japan with the Investor/Business Manager Visa, getting the permanent residency through the Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals program will be much easier.

In addition, Japan has been taking a cautious approach in selecting the kind of professionals they desire. Due to the high demand of highly-skilled professionals in selected industries by the Japan government, it is more difficult to meet the eligibility of the Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals programs.

Therefore, in order to increase the possibility of successful application, obtaining permanent residency of Japan by applying for the Japan Investor/Business Manager Visa prior than the Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals program is highly recommendable.

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