Canada Immigration Methods in Investment, Entrepreneur, Business, Education Streams
  • Posted 10 Aug, 2019

As of 2020, there are over 80 Canadian immigration programs available to individuals and families who are seeking to immigrate to Canada. These programs are generally categorized into 4 types, from investment, entrepreneurship, skilled migration, to overseas studying. Our comprehensive assessment and evaluation system, determine the eligibility of our customers across ALL categories, screen and determine the best suited Canadian immigration methods according to individual circumstances, and help select the most suited program by processing time frame, cost, and success rate. Fill out our free assessment form to have your qualifications assessed against all available Canada immigration programs.

Country’s key benefits include the following:

> Ranked 11th on Human Freedom Index

> Ranked 8th on Economic Freedom & 10th Largest Economy

> Ranked 3rd Best Country for Education (US News & World Report)

> Top 30 Health System With High Percentage (over 11%) Spending in Health Care

> Ranked 3rd on Best Countries for Retirement

> Strong Democracy Country Major Member of G8, G20 & United Nations

The path to become a Canadian citizen starts with acquiring a temporary visa or permanent resident status. Similar to many other major immigration destination, Canada allow their migrants who are holding work visa or PR to reside and enjoy full range of benefits. Then, given PR holders are meeting physical residential requirement, by staying in the country for over 3 years out of a 5 year period, citizenship can be granted along with its visa-free travel rights and voting rights.

Benefits as a Canadian resident include the following:

> Universal health Care & social services (job search, English training, insurance and etc.)

> Free element and secondary education (Free preschool education in BC province)

> Equal rights under law

> Financial aid

While some of the immigration programs in Canada are directly conducted by the federal government, Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) are the exceptions. The federal government of Canada gives each province quotas and freedom in creating new immigration streams, which allow provinces to select high quality applicants targeted to provide long term relief in province’s finance and skilled worker shortage. These Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) are highly selective, it provides more opportunities and variations to methods to immigrate Canada, and the requirements may be changeable according to the current situation and needs of the province.

Did you know?

Traditional immigration program may involve doing investments, setting business in Canada or to apply as a skilled worker, however, as Canada becoming more and more popular around the world, the requirement of these traditional immigration methods have been increasing.

Study experience in Canada can be an advantage. In some cases, such experience which can be translated towards qualifying for Canadian permanent residency. In other cases, it opens up opportunities in long term residency  and employment in Canada, then move up to PR status eventually.  Our experts may guide our customers in overseas studying plan from age 18 – 35, significantly increase their chances in applying for PR directly or to find jobs after graduation.

Note that there are other ways to come Canada as a foreign national, contact us for more information about how you can immigrate to Canada, find out how to be qualify for Canadian. You may explore the general Canadian immigration categories listed below.

Permanent Status – Canadian Immigration Categories:

> Federal Skilled Worker

> Canadian Experience Class

> Federal Skilled Trades Class

> Self-Employed Persons Program

> Saskatchewan Skilled Worker OID

Visas for Business Investors:

> Federal ICT Program

> Manitoba PNP Business Investor Stream

> British Columbia Entrepreneur Regional Pilot

> Saskatchewan SINP Entrepreneur

Temporary Status In Canada:

> Higher Education Program

> Open Work Permit


Company Registration

For fulfilling business stream immigration requirement purpose, for asset management purpose set up offshore company, open up new business opportunities, do business in the host country as well as travel abroad more freely.

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Asset Management

Experts assist Know your clients - KYC document preparation and accompany applicants to complete corporate & personal bank account opening in Canada.

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Business Operation

Support new business set up, assistance in company premises rental, staff hiring, salary calculation, account set up and basic guidance in company operations.

Read More about Canada Entrepreneur Service Pack

Young Learning Education & Guardian of Student

Let children study aboard at early age for better knowledge foundation and smoother adapting period. As well as Guardian visa application for parents and guardians of children who are studying in Canada.

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Family Reunification

Sponsor parents and grandparents and reside in Canada after acquiring Canadian PR or citizenship. Or to ring direct family members including spouse and children to Canada.

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Newborns to Acquire Citizenship by Birth

Apply for temporary visa to Canada for giving birth. Allow children to acquire Canadian citizenship by birth.

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Complete transaction from permanent status holder to Canadian Citizenship.

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