Breakout! Cyprus abolishes its CIP on Nov 1, and Globevisa measures to guarantee final submission
  • Posted 14 Oct, 2020

Breakout! Cyprus abolishes its Citizenship for Investment program on Nov 1, and Globevisa’s measures to guarantee final submission

In view of the imminent closure of Cyprus passport program, Globevisa has made the following arrangements to help customers catch up with the current policy:

1. Contract signing ends by October 18.

2. Video purchase of property be done by October 19.

3. Signing of property purchase contract and POA be done by October 20.

4. Contract mailing be done by October 21.

5. After Globevisa’s lawyer receives the contract, registration at the Land Bureau of Cyprus will be done on the same day. With Globevisa’s effort, no appointment is required for this registration procedure. This has to be done by October 30.

As for Globevisa’s clients, in order to successfully guarantee submission before the current program ceases, he/she will have to pay our service fee, deposit for the property to be purchased and relative stamp duty which costs about 0.15%-0.2% of the selling price of the property.

If unfortunately, Globevisa fails to help you catch up with the current policy, we will offer reasonable refund policy to minimize your loss. To be concise, deposit of the property and our service fee will be fully refunded.

As the most accessible European passport, Cyprus has been favored by international investors for its policy and passport utility. It’s the last chance to become European citizens without much effort. Come to Globevisa and never let go of the golden opportunity.

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