Australia Victoria will change politics-what are the requirements of Australia 188C and 132 New Deal?
  • Posted 22 Dec, 2020

Victorian officials announced that the state guarantee submission channel will be fully opened on January 4, 2021. Currently, applicants of 188C in Australia are not affected by submission and can submit to Victoria at any time.

Applicants for 188C must also contribute to Victoria’s economic recovery or health. Of the 5 million Australian dollars of compliance investment, mainly for the 500,000 part and 1.5 million part of the investment, it is necessary to provide information to prove that these investments are for Victoria. advantageous.

Australia 132 applicants will submit their applications after the opening of the application channel on January 4, 2021. The new state guarantee requirements are as follows:

1. Age: under 55 years old;

2. Residence: The whole family of applicants must truly promise to live in Victoria in the future. After obtaining the 132 visa, the main applicant must have resided in Victoria for at least 6 months within 2 years after the first boarding. During this period, the applicant's family including children are not allowed to live in any other state or region in Australia;

3. Investment amount: at least 2 million Australian dollars;

4. Investment/business direction:

——The business needs of the applicant bring huge economic benefits to Victoria, and it needs to be mainly engaged in the following related industries: digital technology, advanced manufacturing, health and life sciences, agri-food, new energy and emission reduction, and circular economy.

——Two-year supervision period when the visa is obtained: The company employs at least 5 full-time employees for at least 1 year of continuous employment (employees need to be Australian/New Zealand citizens, permanent residents of Australia, and cannot be family members of the applicant. They must be in 12 Work continuously for at least 30 hours a week during the month).

If it is in the real estate industry, the applicant must have a relevant industry background, with an investment of at least 2 million Australian dollars (land costs are not included), and small real estate development is not recognized.

Judging from the latest Australian venture capital policies, Victoria has made relatively few changes to 188C and 132. It can be seen that Victoria currently prefers to issue invitation letters to 132 and 188C applicants. From July 2021, the 132 category of business genius immigrants will stop applying! Getting permanent residence in one step will become history, and now is the last chance to submit! ! If you meet the conditions, submit your application quickly.

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