Australia Immigration: Re-open of Business and Skilled Migration Queensland and Victoria 188 Updates
  • Posted 25 Jul ,2019

Re-open of Business and Skilled Migration Queensland

In the second half of 2019, comes the good news for those who wish for immigration to Australia. The Business programs including the most looked-for 188 Business Innovation and Investment and 132 Business Talent visas of the Business and Skilled Migration Queensland will be reopened starting from July 22 and all requirements remain unchanged.

Nonetheless, for the 188 Business Innovation and Investment visa, Chinese investors interested in the Significant Investor stream are facing more stringent regulations on source-of-fund. A possible continuing fall in the number of eligible applicants may be expected.

On the other hand, requirements of state nomination for 132 Business Talent visa remains unchanged. No point test or residence requirements are necessary. AUD 1,000,000 has to be invested in Queensland and AUD500,000 is required for settling purposes. Furthermore, the required source-of-fund explanation will focus mainly on the registered capital and household net worth, simplifying the process.

Changes to Victoria 188 Visa Application Process

After the implementation of the new reform on 188 Business Innovation and Investment visa eligibility criteria on July 22, it is worth noting that there are also changes to the application process. According to the state government, the screening for invitation to apply is no longer be in place. From now on, the two steps of submitting EOI and applying for visa nomination can be done simultaneously, which means applicants do not have to wait on invitation to apply for nomination anymore. It also applies to 132 Business Talent visas.

Interested applicants should also be alerted that visa nomination applications for Victoria’s Skilled and Business Migration Program should not be submitted until July 29 and any existing draft will be wiped off as a new online application system will be launched for nominating applicants.

With the new policy sparking concern among potential applicants seeking Australia immigration opportunities, quotas are expected to be taken fast. It remains unknown whether there will be sudden close-down of program similar to what happened early this year.

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