2019 Favorable Immigration Options: Australia, Canada, the UK, Taiwan China, Japan and Malaysia
  • Posted 24 Jun ,2019

The past few weeks have witnessed an increasing number of inquiries about immigration programs for Australia, Canada, the UK, Taiwan China, Japan and Malaysia, according to Globevisa, a leading immigration service provider with years of experience in the industry.

As the company is based in Hong Kong, it also has a clue about the underlying cause of the latest migration trends. When sea of black turned up in downtown of the island, the city showed a public outcry over the controversial bill. Under such circumstances, more and more residents are considering moving to another country.

To stay or not? On the immigration tendency of current Hong Kong

Among the six countries and region mentioned above, Australia, Canada and the UK have always been popular immigration destinations. According to Gallup, a global analytics and advisory company, the PNMI scores of these countries are 179%, 147% and 37% respectively. The PNMI score demonstrates to what extend a country or a region is attracting migrants from all over the world.

Globevisa Overseas Business Development Director, Hannah Ma is convinced that people favor these three countries mainly because of their high standard of living and world leading education. People living in these countries can enjoy the well-established welfare system and healthcare services. Meanwhile, students can receive high-level education.

How to immigrate to Australia, Canada, the UK

As for migration programs of Taiwan China, Japan and Malaysia, they are attractive to people of East Asia, including residents of Hong Kong China, out of geographic location, cultural affinity and high cost-efficiency.

Primarily, these countries and regions are located near their home geographically. After successful immigration, it would be easy for them to take good care of their businesses or family members on both sides at the same time. Additionally, these countries often share the same or similar cultural background. New migrants do not have to struggle to adapt to the new life. At last, these programs often have relatively low threshold. They are more friendly choices for SME owners and applicants with a low budget.

For an increasing number of applicants, now the doors to Taiwan China, Japan and Malaysia are wide open.

Far earlier than the problems occurred, Globevisa had already started all-rounded services on immigration programs of these six countries. “In the days to come, we will continue to provide tailored solutions for worldwide applicants,” said Ma.

Sourcing: Gallup

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The UK

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