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Event Recap 21/April – The Light-hearted Immigration Seminar

On 21th April, 2018, we are proud to announce that we held a Fun & Exciting seminar with the theme of [Light-hearted Immigration] at Star World Hotel in Macau and it was a great success! The theme [Light-hearted Immigration] means easy & effortless immigration. Neither will you need to relinquish everything in your home country nor investing a great amount of capitals. There are lots of different ways to settle in a new country which are efficient and low cost.


The focus of the seminar is to provide simple immigration solutions for various kinds of candidates. Also, to raise interests of various countries like Malta, Spain & Thailand that even our potential clients had never thought of immigrated to.


There are 3 major categories of programs: Low cost, Saving & Retirement. Low cost immigration is the very 1st part. And we introduced Low cost immigration consist of Spain, Malta & Canada. Couples of programs that we consisted of, which are Canada International Students Program, Spain Non-profit Program & Malta PR Investment Program.


Traditional thoughts of immigration to Spain was “real estate investment”.

In fact, there is Spain non-profit program which is way cheaper than other Europe immigration programs.

Malta is not a very well-known country, but definitely great European Country one can easily immigrate to. Our second portion of the seminar showed our audience the characteristics of Malta in terms of economics, medical, education & culture. With the presentation of our Malta program legal partner, we successfully spark the interested in the program. And our speaker spent some extra time to explain on the passport, national bonds or real estate investment options.


Then, we covered countries like Thailand, Australia & West Europe (Portugal, Spain & UK) on the topic of Saving & Retirement.


We showed the statistics & charts as a comparison to indicate Thailand living standards. Then we played a video where we interviewed previous GLOBEVISA clients. In the video they stated Thailand is a wonderful place no matter lifestyle, brilliant qualities of life, cheap cost of living…… Numerous merits are the solid proof that Thailand is one of the best place for immigration. And with the Retirement program & Elite program, GLOBEVISA clients are moving to Thailand in matter of months.


After the presentations, all of the GLOBEVISA staffs participating in the 1-on-1 consultation sessions. As our participants were really keen on our one-stop solutions. The seminar was divided into 2 sessions due to large amount of sign up rate. And it was started at 2pm and ended at 6pm accordingly.


Lastly, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all your support! We wish our participants on 21 April may find their suited immigration programs soon. Please Stay tune, until next time!

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