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Seminar in Vancouver – Best Streams for Canada Immigration

Federal Skilled Worker Program & Canadian Experience Class program are the top two immigration streams in Canada under the skilled worker category. These two programs allow applicant to obtain permanent status in Canada within 1-2 years’ time, making this superior to any other immigration streams considering its low cost, and short processing time.

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As the CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System invitation round result from the past 4 months standing at over 450 points, people begin to seek different options in migrating Canada, the Employer sponsorship stream for instance.


Here GLOBEVISA professional advisers and immigration lawyer will analysis the perfect timing in applying for Canada immigration, with Federal Skilled Worker Stream (FSW) & Canadian Experience Class Stream (CEC). Unveiling the potential risk in immigrating with employer sponsorship, and discover some of the non-mainstream immigration programs.


Location: 738-4710 Kingsway, Burnaby V5H 4M2, Vancouver, BC, CA

Time: 10:30 25th April, 2019

Sign-up: +1(604) 200-0115

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