Singapore Corporate Bank Account Opening Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

1. The applicant provides the company's basic documents (registration certificate, articles of association, business registration certificate; if the company has been established for many years, it is suggested that it can provide bank statement within nearly six months, etc.)

2. The applicant provides the basic documents of shareholder directors (passport, address certificate, resume, etc.)

3. Fill in the company's pre-audit form

4. Providing company business contracts or intent contracts


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Singapore Corporate Bank Account Opening Time Frame

7 Steps application, processing time at: 2-6Week(s)
STEP - 0

Contract Signing

Settle service agreement with Globevisa.
STEP - 1

Gather information

Globevisa guides doc preparation, first round check, and help clients choose the best bank.
STEP - 2

Landing for account opening application

Directors or/ and shareholders will need to come to Singapore for the account opening application, accompanied by the GlobeVisa service team
STEP - 3

Document submission

Submit KYC and application document to bank.
STEP - 4

Open account

Complete account opening procedures
STEP - 5

Account Activation

Assist client in account and online banking function activation
STEP - 6

Follow-up service

3 months of free consultation service from the date of the account opened, ensuring the client gets a good grasp of using the bank account.

We provide customized plans based on clients’ needs and situation. Click here for a free evaluation and a well-tailored plan!

Globevisa, your gateway to the world!


Our Company Advantages of Singapore Corporate Bank Account Opening

  1. Industry Leader
    Globevisa is one of the earliest companies that started services in this field, maintaining a high success rate.
  2. Overseas Offices
    Globevisa provides professional reception services throughout the process, including accompanying on site visits scheduled by clients.
  3. Strong Legal Support
    Globevisa is in close cooperation with many professional legal firms, reviewing the application documents strictly to safeguard the rights of clients.
  4. Follow-up Services
    Globevisa overseas offices provide comprehensive follow-up services for clients, assisting them in settling down smoothly.


    We provide customized plans based on clients’ needs and situation.Lets checking on those successful cases.

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