Malta Residence and Visa Program Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Main applicant: 

i. 18 years old or above 

ii. Provides certificate of no criminal conviction 

iii. Proof of address (option 1 or option 2) 

Option 1: - Shows assets proof of at least EUR500,000 (with current assets of at least EUR250,000) - Annual salary of at least EUR100,000 - Provides bank statements and tax documents for salary proof for the past 6 months 

Option 2: - Shows assets proof of at least EUR750,000 (including current assets of at least EUR250,000) - Annual salary of at least EUR70,000 

Investment requirements: 

i. Invests EUR250,000 in Malta Government national debt for at least 5 years (refund with capital and interests) 

ii. Purchases OR rents property that are recognized by Malta Government, for at least 5 years: - Purchases a property of at least EUR320,000 in urban area OR EUR270,000 in rural area - Rents a property of at least EUR12,000 annually in urban area OR EUR10,000 annually in rural area 

iii. Has an insurance which covers all EU countries with an insurance coverage amount of EUR30,000 and insurance fee of EUR500 annually per person


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Malta Residence and Visa Program Time Frame

11 Steps application, processing time at: 12-14 month(s)
STEP - 0

Document collection

Collection of basic information
STEP - 1

Profile Preparation

Completion of document notary and verification with lawyer and submit application
STEP - 2

Background Check

Submit application documents, and conduct government due diligence.
STEP - 3

Document translation and be cetified

Do translation, notary and oath
STEP - 4

Medical Examination

Reserve medical hospital, finish medical report
STEP - 5

Obtain Resident Visa (PR)

Complete PR application
STEP - 6

Approval in Principle

Receive approval from government
STEP - 6


Land in Malta and complete biometric recording
STEP - 7

Complete Investment

Settle investment, card issuing fee, rental, insurance, investment account and etc.
STEP - 8

Submit Investment Documents

Lawyer review all documents in regard of the investment and submit
STEP - 9

Obtain Resident Visa (PR)

Complete PR application

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