HK Personal Bank Account Opening Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

1. Passport/Hong Kong-Macao Pass for Opening an Account

2. Landing Slip to Hong Kong (Customers should use the certificate which they will  use to open account in the bank to enter HK)

3. Identity Card OR Personal TIN Number files of Applicants

4. Address certifications (If the mailing address is different from the address shows in the ID cards, customers should provide valid address certifications in recent three months, including hydroelectric gas sheets issued by government departments with customers' names and addresses on it, or bills issued by banks with customers' names and addresses, or customers' international driving licenses.

5. Applicant's business card (if any)

6. Applicant's certification of work (if any)

7. If the applicant is a student or a housewife that has no fund source, the information of parents/spouses should be provided.

8. Basic information sheets completed by customers

9. Applicants need to be 18 years old or above


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HK Personal Bank Account Opening Time Frame

4 Steps application, processing time at: 1-2 week(s)
STEP - 1

Document Preparation

Tailored plan created by professional according to situation (Application & KYC documents)
STEP - 2

Account Opening

Accompany by local staff in Hong Kong and complete account opening procedure (Free within 4 hours)
STEP - 3

Activate Account

Assist and guide client in activate account and online banking.
STEP - 4

Follow up Service

Provide 3 months of free account usage guidance, including funds transferring, and bank communication

We provide customized plans based on clients’ needs and situation. Click here for a free evaluation and a well-tailored plan!

Globevisa, your gateway to the world!


Our Company Advantages of HK Personal Bank Account Opening

  1. Professional Guidance
    GLOBEVISA has a close relationship with many large local commercial banks in Hong Kong, which can get bank internal information to customers and help customers avoid the risk of bank reconciliation.
  2. Wide Range of Coverage
    Experienced in second passport application and supporting clients in legal document usage and relocation.
  3. Solution Provider
    We can help clients to legally apply for all set of official supporting documents from nationalily, financial identity to address certification documents. The account opening documents are logical and can be accepted by financial institutions. It is also
  4. Local Services
    With local office in Hong Kong, assist and accompany client in account opening, communicate bank managers in advance.

Value -Added Service

We also offer considerate follow-up services, such as application for renewal, permanent residence and family reunification.

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