Canada Federal Entrepreneur Program Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant: The applicant is currently working in a company and will be transferred by the company to the Canadian branch or subsidiary as a senior manager.
1. At least one year of work experience in the past three years as a Deputy General Manager or above, or a senior manager of the company’s core business departments in the three-tier organizational structure;
2. If the applicant wants to work in the Canadian company with a work permit and then apply for permanent residence, the applicant and the spouse are required to hold no shares in the parent company and the Canadian company, starting from the registration date of the Canadian company.
3. The applicant’s family members shall meet the requirements of medical examination and have no criminal record;
4. Before applying for the work permit, the applicant should transfer the start-up fund (at least $250,000) to the Canadian company according to the business plan. After obtaining the work permit, the applicant shall complete the company operation such as renting office space and employing. The main business of the Canadian company shall be related to the business of the parent company, and it needs to hire at least one full-time employee.

Parent companies: the company has been established for 3 years or more, and the turnover in the past 1 year has reached USD 750,000 or the company has been established for 5 years with USD 375,000 turnover in the past 1 year; More than 15 full-time employees; Well-maintained company website.


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Canada Federal Entrepreneur Program Time Frame

10 Steps application, processing time at: 5-10 Month(s)
STEP - 1

Contract Signing

Globalvisa provides free assessment for interested parties. A service contract will be signed if the application requirements can be fulfilled.
STEP - 3

Information Collection

Applicants fill in the business plan information forms and confirm the intention of business start-up.
STEP - 4

Subsidiary Registration

A subsidikary can be registered afterwards.
STEP - 5

finish investment and office rental

finish investment and office rental
STEP - 6

Business Plan Drawing

A detailed business plan should be drawn.
STEP - 7

documents preparation

documents preparation
STEP - 8

Online Submission

After review, complete documents will be submitted online.
STEP - 9

Processed by IRCC

Applications will be processed by IRCC Visa Office.
STEP - 10

Obtaining the Visa

Applicants will receive a notice of visa labeling from the Canadian Embassy upon successful application.
STEP - 11

Visa Labeling

Visa labeling shall be completed in visa centers.

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Our Company Advantages of Canada Federal Entrepreneur Program

  1. Globevisa Canadian offices
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  2. Considerate Services
    Our advanced client management system keeps a record of each application process for each case, making it convenient for future review.
  3. Nearly 20 years of Canadian immigration experience
    with nearly 20 years of Canadian immigration experience, Globevisa will do our best to help the applicants be approved.


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