Australia 485 Temporary Graduate Visa

Specifically offer this service to students pursuing their degrees in Australia or applicants for Australia Higher Education. Globevisa assists applicants in arranging required documents on their behalf. Upon successful application, applicants will obtain a work permit with a validity of 1.5-5 years, with which they can work in Australia legitimately and accumulate work experience for immigration as skilled workers.

Eligibility Criteria

Age requirements: cannot exceed 50 years of age;
English requirements: IELTS score of 6 points, 4 items of listening, speaking, reading and writing must not be lower than 5 points;
Educational requirements: meet the Australian study requirements and graduate no more than 6 months; the course requires full English teaching, at least 2 academic years (92 weeks) of study (the actual study time is not less than 16 months), the course must have CRICOS registration qualifications.
Other requirements: No crime and medical examination are required. If you have a bachelor's degree (not included), your major must be in the list of occupations that are in short supply, and you must provide a job evaluation report.

Duration of visa: Bachelor's degree (not included): 1.5 years;

Bachelor's degree: 3 years in remote areas; 2 years in non-remote areas;
Course master's degree: remote area-3 years; non-remote area-2 years;
Research Master's degree: Remote area-4 years; Non-remote area-3 years;
Doctoral degree: 5 years in remote areas; 4 years in non-remote areas;

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