Virtual Work Visa

Dubai Virtual Work Visa

The Dubai Virtual Work Visa is a 1-year long-term residence visa allowing applicants to live and study, but not allow to work in the UAE. Not a traditional work visa, this is living in the United Arab Emirates, remote online work in other countries! The project does not need a local employer, but requires a current employment contract with enough salary income.


It only takes 5 working days from submission to approval, and only 5 documents are required. With a few documents, you can obtain the UAE ID card, live in the UAE for 90 days to become a tax resident and open an overseas account, there is no personal tax in the UAE, perfect avoidance of CRS and tax investigations.

Time to permit

1 month

Visa-free travel

179 countries and regions

Passport rank

14th in the world

Residency requirement

Must not leave Dubai for more than 6 months to maintain the visa validity.


No Individual Income Tax.

Businesses are subject to a 9% corporate tax (except for companies established in free zones).

Value-added tax (VAT) at a rate of 5%, as well as other consumption taxes, customs duties, and land registration fees.

Established time

Program launched in 2021

Application Requirements

  1. The main applicant is 18-70 years old.

  2. The main applicant has an occupation with a monthly salary of more than US$3,500.

Program Benefits


The visa holders have the ability to enter Dubai quickly: It takes only 5 working days from submission to approval.


High cost-effective immigration program: Globevisa service fee only US$1,400. No foreign attorney fees are required, no investment required either.


Less documents for the application: Five documents are sufficient for the application. After submission, it’s very flexible for the applicant to obtain the visa at home.


No nationality restrictions.