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Cyprus, Citizenship by Investment
Unique Features- Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program
  • 1. Fast process to EU citizenship by property investment

    2. Passport world ranking – 8th

    3. Enjoy 159 visa-free country

    4. Live, work, study in all EU countries, the U.K., Iceland, Norway and Switzerland

    5. No age limitation on accompany parents

  • Assets Criteria No Requirements
  • Immigration Time Frame 8-10 Months
  • Project Feature Fastest access to EU citizenship
Application Eligibility Criteria

i. 18 years old or above

ii. No criminal records

iii. Invests on local property by 1 of the following options:

 - A total of EUR 2,000,000 on one or more residential properties (can be disposed of after 3 years, except a self-owned residencial property with a minimum value of EUR 500,000)  

 - A total of EUR 2,500,000 including EUR 2,000,000 for commercial property (can be disposed of after 3 years) and EUR 500,000 for self-owned residential property 

iv. Accompanying family members:

 - Spouse
 - Children under 28 years old who is a full-time student

 - Parents of applicant and spouse with no age limitation (additional investment amount of EUR 500,000)

Follow-up service available, with additional service charge:

> Personal bank account opening

> Corporate bank account opening

> Company registration

> Permanent Residency

> Permanent Residence Card renewal

> Name changing

> Passport renewal

> Later passport application for dependent family members (reunion)

> Certificate of No Criminal Convictions

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Application process- 
Contract signing
Document preparation
Property selection
Application submission
PR obtained
Passport obtained
8-10 Months To Obtain Status
GLOBEVISA- Citizenship
  • Antigua
    Citizenship by Investment Immigration Time Frame:6-8 Months
    Feature:Multiple Investment Options
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  • Cyprus
    Citizenship by Investment Immigration Time Frame:8-10 Months
    Feature:Fastest access to EU citizenship
    Free Brochures
  • Dominica
    Citizenship by Investment Immigration Time Frame:3-6 Months
    Feature:Simple name changing process
    Free Brochures
  • St. Kitts and Nevis
    Citizenship by Investment Immigration Time Frame:6-8 Months
    Feature:Citizenship by descent
    Free Brochures
  • St. Lucia
    Citizenship by Investment Immigration Time Frame:4-6 Months
    Feature:Cheapest for a single applicant
    Free Brochures
  • Grenada
    Citizenship by Investment Immigration Time Frame:6-8 Months
    Feature:Obtain both Passport & PR
    Free Brochures
  • Malta
    Citizenship by Investment Immigration Time Frame:15-18 Months
    Feature:Global Passport Ranking-6th
    Free Brochures
  • Vanuatu
    Citizenship by Investment Immigration Time Frame:1-2 Months
    Feature:Fastest passport program
    Free Brochures
  • Moldova
    Citizenship by Investment Immigration Time Frame:6-9 Months
    Feature:Cheapest European Passport
    Free Brochures
  • Turkey
    Citizenship by Investment Immigration Time Frame:8-10 Months
    Feature:Citizenship by bank deposit
    Free Brochures
Success Cases
WHY GLOBEVISA-Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program
  • Immigration Industry Leader

    GLOBEVISA has over 1,200 professional staff members which provide the best and the most comprehensive service to our clients, throughout our 12 years of establishment.

  • Qualified Lawyers Team

    Our experienced lawyers team provides the best legal immigration advice and solutions to our clients according to their needs and situation.

  • Leading Global Market Share

    We own 35% of global market share in the industry, which has fulfilled over 150,000 clients relocation dreams with various favorable recognition.

  • Remarkable Success Rate

    Our success rate is 90% on all of our available programs, as our unique three-trial system ensures the applications are carefully-checked and perfect.

  • Value-added Service

    Our all-rounded services include accompanying on landing, private tour, and other aftersales services, to ensure all of our clients can settle at their desire destination.


GLOBEVISA Cyprus Branch has helped over 500 applicants to obtained Permanent Residence or passport as their second Citizenship. With local crew, lawyers, and direct communication with the CIU, we maintain highest industry successful rate.

  • TEL:+357 97744209
  • ADD: 33, Nicodemou Mylona, Pafilia House, Shop no.12,8047 Pafos, Cyprus
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