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Mezzo Apartments
Agios Loannis, Limassol Area, Cyprus

Real Estate | Mezzo Apartments

The vibrant pulse of the Eastern Mediteranean city of Limassol has made it the hotspot forproperty investors.

The MEZZO Apartment Residence combines state of the art architecture with innovative design, artistic, contemporary styling and unparalleled luxury. A serene haven in the very heart of the city, built and designed for individuals seeking to combine luxury lifestyle and urban living. This property enjoys an incredible location located so close to the city centre of Limassol in the heart of Cyprus' most cosmopolitan location.

All residences are built to the highest standards; incorporate the finest materials that make “Mezzo” an exceptional place to live. All apartments have pleasant living spaces designed for enjoyment, incorporating maximum quality in each design and finish. Spacious living and large room terraces, integrate the outdoors with the interior of each home.

Key Facts

Holding period

Hold to maintain permanent residence

Property type

Residential Building

Call for Investors

Number available

11 units

3 units


Agios Loannis, Limassol Area, Cyprus

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