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Citizenship by Investment

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Turkey is a transcontinental country with quick airline to key markets. Istanbul, as the most populated city, is a commercial and cultural center as well. The program is a cost-efficient migration route to one of the EU candidate countries, either by deposit or real estate investment. Meanwhile, as one of the U.S. E-2 Treaty countries, Turkey grants its passport holders a fast track access to the U.S, enjoying similar benefits as U.S Green Card owners. 

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Time to citizenship

6-8 months

Residency requirement

No residency requirements

Visa-free travel

121 countries and regions


No worldwide taxation or inheritance tax

Passport rank

50th in the world

Established time

Citizenship program launched in 2017

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Investment Options

To obtain citizenship in Turkey, you can choose one of the two options:

1. Deposit USD 500,000 or equivalent lira into personal account in a Turkish bank and maintain it for 3 years. 

2. Purchasing a real estate that values more than USD 400,000 and maintaining it for 3 years. 

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1. Located in the Old Town of the European Zone of Istanbul. 

2. Suitable for citizenship only USD 340,000 after rent rebate.

3. Well-equipped surrounding facilities including universities, subway, hospitals, shopping centers, and hotels, etc. 

4. Neighborhood attraction: Twin Minarets Mosque. 

Program Benefits

Being able to include children aged under 18 and spouse. 

Eligibility for an U.S E2 Treaty Visa. 

No requirement on language skills or education background. 

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