Canada, Quebec Immigrant Investor
Unique Features- Canada Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)
  • 1. GLOBEVISA reserved quotas from appointed fund companies

    2. Application success rate is well over 80%

    3. Investment overseas by Government of Canada

    4. No requirements on language and education

    5. No strict requirements on age

    6. Family one-stop PR can be obtained

  • Assets Criteria CAD 2 million
  • Immigration Time Frame 3-4 Years
  • Project Feature Immigrate to Canada by investment
Application Eligibility Criteria

>聽 Requires family assets of CAD 2,000,000 (2 million) or above

>聽 Source of fund has to be presented by聽bank statement and tax reports for recent 10 years

>聽 Has at least 2 years of shareholder/management experience from the past 5 years, with at least 3 staff members

>聽 Makes a one-off investment of CAD 350,000 to fund company with no refund, or invests CAD 1,200,000 throughout a 5-year period

>聽 Passes medical exam with no criminal records

Intention to settle in Quebec

>聽 Must not have applied for Canada immigration through provincial nominations outside Quebec

>聽 Must not have property in Canadian provinces outside Quebec

>聽 Children of applicants must not studied / studying in Canadian provinces outside Quebec

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Application process- 
Contract signing
Document preparation
Submission to fund company
File number obtained
Federal Application
PR obtained
3-4 Years To Obtain Status
GLOBEVISA- Residency By Investment
  • Canada
    Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) Immigration Time Frame锛3-4 Years
    Feature锛Immigrate to Canada by investment
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  • Australia
    188B Investor Stream Immigration Time Frame锛12-18 Months
    Feature锛No Education Requirement
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  • Australia
    188C Significant Investor Stream Immigration Time Frame锛10-14 Months
    Feature锛Low Residential Requirement
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  • Australia
    888B/ 888C Business Investor PR Immigration Time Frame锛4-6Months
    Feature锛Identity Conversion
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  • Cyprus
    Immigration Permit (Type F) Immigration Time Frame锛12-18 Months
    Feature锛An Overseas identity at no risk
    Free Brochures
  • Cyprus
    Permanent Residency Immigration Time Frame锛2-4 Months
    Feature锛Speed access to European PR
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  • Ireland
    Investor Visa Immigration Time Frame锛4-6 Months
    Feature锛Allow Dual Citizenship
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  • Spain
    Golden Visa Immigration Time Frame锛7-9 Months
    Feature锛Family companion
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  • Spain
    Non-lucrative Residence Visa Immigration Time Frame锛4-8 months
    Feature锛Overseas identity benefits
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  • Spain
    Property Purchase Immigration Time Frame锛8-12 Months
    Feature锛Family companion
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  • Korea
    Fund Investment Immigration Time Frame锛Min 10 Days
    Feature锛Low Criteria
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  • Malaysia
    My Second Home (MM2H) Immigration Time Frame锛3-6 Months
    Feature锛2nd Identity Long-stay Visa
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  • Malta
    Residence and Visa Immigration Time Frame锛12-18 Months
    Feature锛European PR for 4 generations
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  • United Kingdom
    Tier 1 Investor Immigration Time Frame锛4-6 Months
    Feature锛Access to permanent residency safely
    Free Brochures
  • New Zealand
    Investor Plus Visa Immigration Time Frame锛7-14 Months
    Feature锛Short Investment Period
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  • New Zealand
    Investor Visa Immigration Time Frame锛1-1.5 Years
    Feature锛Low Living Requirement
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  • Vanuatu
    Permanent Residency Immigration Time Frame锛1 Week
    Feature锛Direct access to permanent residence
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  • Portugal
    Golden Visa Immigration Time Frame锛Nil
    Feature锛Family members鈥 companion
    Free Brochures
  • Portugal
    Property Purchase Immigration Time Frame锛18-30 Months
    Feature锛12Months to Residence Card
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  • Latvia
    Bond Investment Immigration Time Frame锛3-5 Months
    Feature锛Low budget European Investment
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Success Cases
WHY GLOBEVISA-Canada Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)
  • Immigration Industry Leader

    GLOBEVISA has over 1,200 professional staff members which provide the best and the most comprehensive service to our clients, throughout our 12 years of establishment.

  • Qualified Lawyers Team

    Our experienced lawyers' team provides the best legal immigration advice and solutions to our clients according to their needs and situation.

  • Leading Global Market Share

    We own 35% of global market share in the industry, which has fulfilled over 150,000 clients' relocation dreams with various favorable recognition.

  • Remarkable Success Rate

    Our success rate is 90% on all of our available programs, as our unique three-trial system ensures the applications are carefully-checked and perfect.

  • Value-added Service

    Our all-rounded services include accompanying on landing, private tour, and other aftersales services, to ensure all of our clients can settle at their desire destination.

  • Headquarters Winnie Ng Senior Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:852 59448727 Whatsapp:852 59448727 Office number:+852 2819 2703 Wechat ID:globevisa907

    Having worked in the immigration industry dealing with clients from all over the world, Winnie ensures to provide you with a comprehensive, detailed and enthusiastic assistance.

  • Headquarters Hannah Chief Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:(852) 9018 8676 Whatsapp:(852) 9018 8676 Office number:852-2819 2788 Wechat ID:Hannahbo

    Over 10 years of experiences in immigration industry. Specialized in Passport, Investment & Asset Management field. Serving over 500 high-ended clients all over the world. We can ensure to deliver the best service for you.

  • Headquarters Ronald Du Senior Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:+852 6391 0817 Whatsapp:+852 6391 0817 Office number:+852 28192718 Wechat ID:globevisa787

    Spent over 4 years in Canada in immigration and finance, I am the GLOBEVISA specialized consultant on asset management & citizenship planning. Send me some basic info, and let me work out your immigration plan.

  • Headquarters Vira Solodiuk Senior Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:+852 68132954 Whatsapp:+852 68132954 Office number:+852 2819 2718 Wechat ID:globevisa987

    My name is Vira from Ukraine.Spent 4 years in China and living in Hong Kong for 3 years. Able to speak fluently in Russian, Ukrainian, English.I will be happy to assist you with your Immigration plan,asset and tax management.

  • Headquarters Ahmed Dasthagir Senior Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:+852 56061383 Whatsapp:+852 56061383 Office number:+852 2819 2718 Wechat ID:globevisa390

    I am Ahmed Dasthagir Hq GlobeVisa. 5 years of Investment banking experience and accountancy,and the ability to converse in various indian languages is an asset for you and GlobeVisa


GLOBEVISA Toronto Branch is located in the city of Markham 鈥 southern Ontario. With the longest history in China in operating the Canadian immigration programs, the Toronto office has the experience and resources to solve any immigration related problems.

  • TEL:+1 (416) 800 7213
  • ADD: 3623 Highway 7 East, Unit 108, Markham, Ontario, Canada
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